Thursday, April 12, 2007

Individual Volunteers In Mission Training March 23 - 25, 2007

Front Row L-R: Danielle St. Clair, Roger Boe, Walt Whitehurst, Bill St. Clair, Zoe Norcross, Joe Elenbaas, Jeff Melick, Chuck Hebel, Peggy Blackburn, Ann Fort, Larry Norman. Second Row L-R: Laura Cortez, Barbara Stone, Chris McLain, Lois Babcock, Claire Kendig, Adrienne Lamar, Brian Steele, Alison Hendley, Donna Patterson, Jeanie Blankenbaker. Back Row L-R: Wayne Babcock, Virginia Malone, Vick Starostka, Clint Rabb, Cathy Starostka, Jarod Osborne.

Individual Volunteers in Mission Training was held in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 23 - 25, 2007. Laura Cortez met me in Austin and we drove all night ( 9 hours beginning at midnight) to New Orleans. (Yes, we really did. It was just like our old college days!) Training was awesome. It was so inspiring to meet others who were persuing their passion by following God's call. It was also very encouraging and impressive to know that there is an organization within the Methodist Church that will support me with prayers, e-mails or answer whatever questions I may have however big or small. On the ride home, we hardly knew we were driving for 9 hours as our hearts were so full and thoughts and plans were spilling out of our hearts, and mind onto paper. (Thank you Lord!)

The weather was perfect in New Orleans and we were able to sample a bit of the New Orleans world famous cuisine. We tood a bus tour of some of the damage from Katrina which was absolutely mind boggling. What devastation, and yet there are signs of hope and rebuilding all around. There is so much to be done, and it will take years and years.

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