Monday, August 27, 2007

St Paul's Carepoint

Each Saturday and Sunday St Paul's Methodist Church, also known as the mission, feeds the children who are served Monday through Friday in a carepoint in the area. The children start arriving at St. Pauls around 11:00 with lunch being served about 1:00. The youth from St. Paul's are the ones who have adopted this project with the support and assistance of the adult members of the congregation and Manyano. They feed between 75 -100 children each day. Some children take food home for other siblings or family members. Most children leave after they are served. Some of these children are very small. Many children are leading younger children. They seem to watch out for each other. The children bring their own bowl or container for the food.

These children are fortunate. St. Paul's feeds them on the weekend. The children that attend other carepoints or some of the children who attend one of the rural schools do not receive meals on the weekends when the carepoint or school is closed.
God bless the children and those who feed them. Please keep them in your prayers.

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