Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A lovely afternoon

Thoko and I spent a good afternoon together. First we visited with the CCS in Luve regarding the Nhlengethwa family (Mthokozisi & sisters) and some of the other children that are a part of Lutsandvo Lwa Krestu. Then we met up with the counselor from Luftotja and the two youngest Nhlengethwa girls as they were leaving school and came up with a plan to get transport money to the kids each week. Then Thoko and I talked as I drove her home. It was so good to listen, talk, listen, talk, ask questions, listen, talk, etc. You get the picture. One thing would remind us both of something else we wanted to tell or ask the other person. The afternoon went by too quick. When we arrived at her homestead she took me to her garden so I could see how things are growing and so that she could harvest some vegetables for me. (She always sends me home with more vegetables than I can eat in a month!) Earlier, she told me that the strawberry plant that she bought a few months ago when we were both at a nursery had produced 4 strawberries and I was especially anxious to see it. She had never grown strawberries but wanted to give it a try. She was so excited about the strawberries. I am always so impressed by her garden. As we walked to the area where the cabbages were ready for harvest I couldn't help but marvel at the size. The cabbages were so huge. They would have easily won a blue ribbon at any State fair in the US. I found myself shaking my head and asking why, in a country where such beautiful vegetables can grow, are people starving? My only solace in that question is that she doesn't understand it anymore than I do.

You be the judge...(the following pictures have not been altered in anyway to enhance their beauty.)

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