Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Services

I hate to say it, but I missed the services all night Saturday night. I started getting a headache Friday night and by Saturday afternoon all I could do was lay in dark and quiet.

But I do know that they started services at 7:00 pm with a memorial service. Then at 8:30 pm they had a robing service for the Women’s Manyano and the Young Men’s Guild. The women’s Manyano is the women’s service organization of the church. Unlike in the United States, the women have to take classes and pass tests. When the requirements have been met, they are able to wear the Manyano uniform. They are presented their uniform during a robing ceremony where the uniform and the woman is blessed and prayed over. I saw a ceremony a few months ago and it was very moving.

The uniforms colors symbolize the darkness the world was in before Christ (black) followed by the blood of Christ which washed away our sins (red) and finally the light of the world in Christ because we are cleansed (white). The ladies in the pictures below are the wives of the Superintendent and two ministers in Central Circuit. From Left to Right they are: Mrs. Nyameka, Mrs. Gaolatlhe and Mrs. Mubuza.

After the Robing service, there was a revival that started at 10:30 pm. I was told the sanctuary was absolutely packed and that it was a very moving service with of course lots of singing, dancing and praying. It was followed by a prayer service at 4:45am which lead to Holy Communion at 5:30am. They broke for breakfast at 7:00am. Then at 9:00 they have a “Devine Service”. The scripture for this service was Luke 24:1-12. Of course the emphasis was on the resurrection because without the resurrection, all we would have been left with was the death of a very influential man. There were very few people left for this service. Most people had started heading back to their homesteads and some much needed rest. It was an awesome weekend, even with a horrible headache. I a so sorry I missed the revival

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter.

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