Sunday, March 2, 2008

Need Prayers

This is my 10th day back in Swaziland. I had good water for 9 of those days. The water started running slow last night and today there hasn’t been any water. That means no water to wash hands, flush the toilet, wash the vegetables I am going to eat, or of course take a shower. Luckily I have enough drinking water and I filled up a 5 L container of tap water to have on hand. I quickly learned that it doesn’t go far. It isn’t even enough to flush the toilet, but it is better than nothing. I’m praying it will come back on sometime today. In this heat I will really need to wash up and preferably take a shower by tomorrow morning!

I hope when Dennis Little (a short term volunteer from Central Texas Conference) arrives he and I can meet with the various parties that can determine a solution to this problem and with the support and help of Rev. Nyameka and Richard Bosart from SAMVIM we can bring in teams or whatever it takes to resolve the issue. This isn’t just for my sake but for Rev. Nyameka and all of the others who live in the teachers cottages and are also out of water when I don’t have any. Please pray for this situation to be successfully resolved.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze all day and into the later evening to keep things a little more tolerable. I was even able to keep my fan off most of the day and evening. I happened to turn on my TV and there was a taping of Louie Giglio speaking on John 16:33 which is Christ’s promise on his way to the cross that even though we will troubles in this world, that in him we will have peace because he overcame this world. Louie reminded us to always keep focused on the cross as our anchor because everything we go through, Christ went through and he paid the price. It was a perfect message for all of us, but especially in light of the issues I go through here in Swaziland. I think I Lord knew I would need this reminder in light of the challenges that are before me.

Please also keep the project at Lomngeletjane. Things are not going well there. The volunteer construction coordinator, Bethuel, is very frustrated with this project and is ready to quit. Dennis funded the start of this project which included building a temporary structure and now the start of the first permanent structure for the school. There have been many issues and set backs. I am praying that when Dennis comes we can almost start over, and perhaps bring in some work teams from South Africa to complete this work. Communications, follow-through and a sense of ownership to get the project completed by the community are the biggest issues that have to be overcome. This permanent school is needed, and it weighs heavy on my heart. Please pray that somehow I can be a catalyst to get the communications in-line and to bring the various parties together so we can complete this project and have the school opened with all that it needs to be registered in the near future.

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