Friday, August 1, 2008

Black Mbulzi Homestead

Today was another day in paradise – serving the Lord in a beautiful country with beautiful, humble women. Yes, today I was blessed to be the transport again for the Manyano ladies. (I’ve decided this is my TRUE ministry – enabling the ladies to do their outreach.) A few weeks ago there was a fire near the Black Mbulzi church, primary school and preschool where the RR team painted while they were here. Thoko, the social concerns Manyano woman had joined us to paint and while there she went to visit the homestead. There were three women and their small children living in a small house on the homestead and it caught fire from a candle. Everything was destroyed. Thoko came back to Manzini and started collecting clothes and blankets for the family. Today Thoko and Thini and I took the things out to Black Mbulzi where we were met by some of the Manyano women from the local society. There’s lots of pictures, but you will get the idea of what went on. The ladies carried the things into the homestead, singing songs of praise. Then Thoko led a small service while we were all sitting on mats under the tree. She said used Psalms 23 as the basis for her little talk. They sang a few songs, prayed, Mr. Mthethwa, the Society Steward, also prayed and said a few words. Then they presented the items to the ladies. I had brought a few balls and stuffed animals for the children and was privileged to present them to the children. After the presentation and pictures were taken, the ladies sang a few songs of thanks, said a few words and prayed. Of course I don’t know what was said but picked out a few words of thanks to God. Mr. Mthethwa came up to me afterwards and said that he knew I didn’t understand the different language but they were also thanking me for the transport. That is the most Mr. Mthethwa has said to me at one time! I was very honored.

Once again, as I sat on the mat, in the shade of a tree feeling the light, warm breeze on my face and not understanding the spoken word I was thanking God for the opportunity to play such a small part in this sharing of faith, caring, love and concern. It was a beautiful day.

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