Monday, April 13, 2009

Da Pits

Yeabo! We have pits! Two of them! I went up to Lomngeletjane today to pay John the labor cost of his guys digging the two pits, one for the girl's latrine and one for the boy's latrine. He wasn't on-site so I phoned him. (I was late waiting on Bethuel who was supposed to come but never showed up. TIA) John asked me how I like the pits and if I was happy. What was I supposed to say? I asked if they were the measurements of what the plans called out. He said "yes" and I said "I love them". He was happy. The picture doesn't do them justice, but imagine digging two of these pits with only a worn out crummy little shovel. I think these pits were much deeper than the guys were tall. I don't have any idea how they do this but I know I'm impressed. Yes, I know, sometimes it doesn't take a lot to impress me.

And this is the yield of about 1/3 to 1/2 of the maize crop that was planted in December. Hopefully this is the first crop harvest of many for Lomngeletjane. Hopefully, the first of many!

BTW, I must be becoming Swazi... The temperature dropped to 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) at Lomngeletjane with a slight breeze and it was 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 F) and I was cold wishing for a jacket. hummm

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