Thursday, April 23, 2009

Progress on Latrines - Yeabo!

John (the builder) Bethuel and I had a good meeting up at Lomngeletjane this morning discussing the progress, the next steps, alterations to the architect drawing (which leave A LOT to be desired) and negotiated the labor cost for John (the builder) and his two helpers to finish both toilets. We would normally have done the negotiations first, but we started rather quickly just before Easter and so we negotiated the first part and now the second part. However, because our first 2009 UMVIM team from the Louisiana Conference will be arriving on May 22nd, John was very motivated to get started on the latrines so that they would be finished before the team arrives.

Mixing cement the African way! In the background are the two latrines and John (the builder) in blue with the white hat near the pit and Bethuel our volunteer general contractor who is my technical advisor and does the leg work of ordering all of the materials for our building projects.

The first pit with the walls lining the pit finished as well as part of the bracing for the slab which will be "poured" over the top.

One of John's workers in the pit measuring the length of one of the support poles. Notice the ladder. This is the only one they have - hand made out of poles from trees.

Looking into the second pit that isn't finished yet. Notice the plank (board) laying across two steel drums. This is their scaffolding.

The next round of supplies are being ordered today so they can pour the slab of the first pit and then after a few days start on the walls of the house. They will also finish up the second pit to bring it up to the same level as the first.

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Gary and Jeri Carson-Hull said...

hooray! you must be so proud of the work being done. we are really anticipating our time with you and the work to be done. we are bringing our work gloves and energy so start your 'honey-do' list!