Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pictures of the Louisiana team on 5-28 at Mahlatsini

On May 28th, on our way out of Swaziland we drove by Mahlatsini Methodist Church. This is a small society made up mainly of gogo's and children. They are asking for help to finish their church so they can start some income generating projects and perhaps a preschool so they can help feed and care for the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in the area. I wanted Richard to see the site while he was in Swaziland. We will be posting this project on the General Board of Global Ministries for potential work teams next year. Though I normally wouldn't get involved in building a church because I feel I am called to work with women and children, this project would definitely help the women and children in this area. This project just feels right for us to undertake. So please pray that we will be able to raise the funds and bring teams to help with the construction.

The pictures below are of:
1. The food they provided for us. It is the custom in Swaziland to always offer food and drink to visitors so they will feel good and want to come back. It is also to thank them for travelling so far to see them.
2. Bethuel on left explaining to the group about the church and it's dream. Some of the women and men of the society (congregation) are also in the picture.
3. Elter (Bethuel's wife) explaining to our group the meaning of the Manyano uniform. Manyano means unity. Manyano is also the name of the women's organization of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.
4. A final picture of the society with a few of our team members.

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