Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our prayers are answered!!! Yeabo!!!

The last week was busy. We left for Kruger National Park on Thursday morning. We stopped on our way out of Swaziland to visit Mahlatsini Society which is a small congregation of gogo's and other adults and 34 children. (See previous post for details on this church.) They started building a new church several years ago and have completed the foundation and the walls, but do not have the funds to complete it. They would like to finish the church so they can start some community income generating projects so that they can feed the orphaned and vulnerable children in the area. We are hoping we can get funding and teams to help them out next year. After visiting the church, we spent 2 1/2 days in Kruger National Park. As always, it is amazing to see the animals. We had some excellent cape buffalo, elephant and baboons sightings. On Sunday the team visited the Apartheid museum, then took a tour of a gold mine ending the day in worship at Primrose Methodist Church before going to the airport to catch their plane. The worship service was a perfect ending to the trip and the day.

I returned to Swaziland on Monday afternoon after having a mechanic look at my car because it is overheating again. Tuesday morning I saw Rev. Kanana Nyameka in the office of St. Paul's. He told me that he got word while I was gone that Lomngeletjane has finally received a registration number from the government! Yeabo! This registration number allows us to get funding from the government to hire a head teacher, teachers for grade one through grade four, desks, chairs and the curriculum. Rev. Nyameka is anticipating that by July first we should have the teachers in place. He has already started interviewing people for the head teacher's position. It has been a long, long process requiring a lot of patience, perseverance and prayer. But our prayers have finally been answered.

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