Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

I am writing this from the airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I am on my way back to Texas for the holidays.  I will return to Swaziland towards the end of February.  The past week or so has been very full and a lot has happened.  I will try to update you a little bit at a time over the next few days in an attempt to shorten the blog postings.

Last Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) we went to pay a home visit on a family out in the rural area.  The family consists of a mother, father, two grown children and an auntie.  All of them are mentally challenged; some obviously more than others.  As is usually the case, it is hard to see the severe need and conditions.  But one thing I noticed is how involved the community was in helping the family.  The family's mud and stick houses had collapsed in the rain but the community came together to rebuild them for the family.  They even put in a very nice concrete floor.  It was elevated just a bit above the ground so that even in a severe downpour the water won't seep through. 

As I sat there looking at the beautiful blue sky with white clouds and bright green grass on the hills I couldn't help but be so thankful that I get to spend my Thanksgiving Day out in the rural area of Swaziland with dear, sweet sisters in Christ.  As I sat marveling at how beautiful God's creation is, praying for the people in the homestead as well as at home in the States I made a long mental list of blessings I am so thankful for.  I was going to post them on my blog, but time got away from me and it didn't happen.  Every day since then has been full of nonstop commitments or things to tie up before leaving for the States.

As always, there is a brief worship center with prayers, songs and speeches before we hand out the clothes or whatever we bring.

Thini brought one of the orange boxes that were donated to the Manyano several months ago.  They have basic home care items in them such as gloves, soap, Vaseline, bandages, notebook, pen, etc. that one might need to use when visiting a homestead, especially if the person is sick.  Thini, the amazing, wonderful loving spirit that she is did her little dance while singing praises to the Lord as she brought the box over to the CCS (Christian Care Service) for that community.

After visiting the homestead the three of us stopped by to visit Nomile which of course we all enjoyed.  Then I rushed home for a shower and then went up to Mbabane to Steve and Monica's house for thanksgiving dinner. They are long term missionaries from the US.  It was a wonderful time in beautiful surroundings filled with beautiful Christian fellowship.   I am very thankful for the opportunity God has given me to serve Him in Swaziland.

I think my Wi-Fi time is about up so I will continue with more updates when I arrive in Washington, DC.  It will give me something to do in my 6 hour layover before I board a plane to Austin.

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