Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today's Pics

The following two pictures were taken from the inside of my car when we pulled up to Lomngeletjane.  The kids just swarmed my car.  I actually had to tell some of the kids to "hamba" (go) in an attempt to get them to back away just a bit from my car so I wouldn't drive over their toes!  And then there were so many hands for me to touch as I said hello to each child.  And of course there was the other Nothando.  She always comes up and stands quietly by me with a big smile waiting for me to say "Hi Nothando" to her.  She thinks it is so great that we have the same name.  Oh to be loved and wanted.  I am going to miss all these kids while I am in the States but I can't allow myself to think of that yet.

Nomile has hit her goal weight of 8.6 kg (almost 19 lbs)!  Normally she would be released tomorrow, but we have to find a place for her to go.  Please keep praying that they don't make her go back to her grandparent's house or surrounding area, and that the social worker can get her into ABC House in Bulembu.

Thoko gave me a pair of sandals to take to Nomile.  They were a little big on her but she loved them.  Most of the time she was trying to take them off and then put them back on again.  She was making sounds even more today than yesterday.  I swear she said "down" one time after I said it to her.

And Nomile is no longer afraid of the camera.  When she saw the flash when I took the first picture she laughed out loud and then wanted to come closer while I did it again.  She also liked looking at herself on the camera.

Oh, but she cried so when I put her back in her crib and said bye-bye.  It breaks my mother's heart, just as it did every day when my kids were little and I would have to say good bye to them when I went off to work.

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