Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The final day at Lomngelejtane for the LAVIM team

The preschoolers with their pictures on their way home. The kids love seeing themselves in a photo.

The children were introduced to Mardi Gra beads. Before the kids went home for the day the team gave each child mardi-gra beads, their photograph and a bag of candyand treats. The beads were a hit with volunteers and kids alike.

The foundation digging team. None of us thought at the end of the first day that the trenches for the foundation would be finished by the end of the 4th day. This is truly amazing. It was no little task and one of the biggest challenges was for Martha to overcome the initial resistance to a woman doing man's work.

Aren't these BEAUTIFUL? I have no doubt that they are not only the most well built latrines, but the most beautiful ones in all of Swaziland. The painting team was awesome!

Some of the parents cooked lunch for us. There were thank you's, pictures, fellowship and food. What more could one need? One could not only see, but feel the bond of friendship that was formed over these past few days. Friendships that I hope will last a life time.


Clueless Blue said...

Wow - it looks like everyone has been doing a lot of hard work! That's wonderful so much was accomplished and the children got to have those new experiences.

Gary and Jeri Carson-Hull said...

Chris, Gary and I are so impressed with your blog! The daily pix were terrific and I am sure when the team gets home they will love seeing their work in pictures. You are one amazing woman with all you do and then have time to do this! Thanks for everythng, Jeri and Gary

Pam Brierre said...

All the work looks great. It's wonderful that people from Louisiana could help others after all they help they have received following hurricane Katrina. It's also good to see my parents and their friends, happy, healthy and working hard.