Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another new baby!

Tuesday, while Thoko and I were driving to Lutfotja she told me that her oldest granddaughter, Zwakele who is 19 years old, was pregnant and due this month. She is not married and after telling her that she was pregnant, she kind of isolated herself from the family. Zwakele works in the restaurant of one of the bigger hotels in Swaziland. Thoko says she really likes it and had a dream of perhaps going into the catering business. Like any mom or grandmother she was disappointed because she had hoped that her granddaughter would be able to achieve that dream. She was also concerned because she was so young and didn't realize how hard and expensive it is to raise a baby.

This morning I sent her a text message to ask what the plans were for today. She called me and told me her day yesterday got all mixed up because they had rushed her granddaughter to the hospital and she delivered the baby. So Thoko is a great grandmother! Meet Sibonelo. He is less than 24-hours old in this picture. Hopefully before too long I'll be able to get a picture of him when he isn't crying! As my mom would say, at least we know he has a healthy set of lungs.

While at the hospital, I went to see how Nonjabulo is doing. Her mom was holding her and she was sleeping. You could tell she still didn't feel well because whenever her mom tried to move her she would cry. But as long as mom was holding her upright, she was able to sleep. Please continue to pray for this little one. She is a very sick baby and the survival rate of a baby that is HIV+ and has TB is not very good. But we have faith that with all of the prayers going up for this sweet baby girl and with all of the love around her, she will get better.

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