Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update on Nonjabulo

Yesterday, (Saturday) I took Thini, Thoko, Gladys and two other circuit stewards to visit Nonjabulo.  When we arrived, There were several people in the room and a woman was holding Nonjabulo praying over her.  Nonjabulo was completely still.  My instant thought was that she had lost the battle.  The woman was praying mostly in SiSwati.  Her prayers reminded me of a typical TV Evangleist.  After she prayed for Nonjabulo, she handed her back to her mom, and then started praying for the next child in the room.  When she handed Nonjabulo back I could see that her eyes were open.  She actually looked at me and at Thini and the best part was she lifted her little hand up towards Thini's face as Thini was leaning over her kissing her and talking to her.  She was still very weak, but that was more than she has done since being admitted.  We all prayed over her again, and then I left because the room is so small there really wasn't room for us.

After church this morning, I stopped by the hospital on my way home.  Nonjabulo was sleeping peacefully.  Her fever was gone.  She did open her eyes and wake up for a little bit.  She looked at me with her big bright eyes.  Then she reached out for my hand and actually gripped my finger.  Not real strong, but once again that was more than she has done since being admitted this time.  Her mom fed her a little bit.  She has some cereal thinned with formula and she gives a little bit to Nonjabulo whenever she can.  After she ate I asked if I could hold her.  I held her and rocked her for a few minutes and then gave her back to her mom.  Her mom and I both agreed that a big "Praise God" was in order. 

Her little mom must be so exhausted.  But she is so dedicated and always sounds hopeful.  I thought back to when my oldest son Christopher was about 2 1/2 and was hospitalized with meningitis for a few days.  I remember how hard it was and we didn't have near the severe conditions that they have in this hospital.  I had a comfortable chair that reclined, decent hospital food, air conditioning and heating and Doctors and nurses who actually kept me up to speed on what was going on.  Nonhlanhlana has to sleep on the hard floor or sit in a hard chair with the back broken out of it.  The nurses come in and don't say a word.  I so admire the women in this country for all they endure.

Praise be to God for Nonjabulo's improvement.  Please continue to pray because she has a long way to go to be considered even slightly healthy.  Usually after about 3 months, the ARVs have done their work and the health of the person stabilizes.  And it generally takes about 3 to 4 months of treatment for the TB to clear up.  Unfortunately, because we are dealing with both scenarios at the same time, the body has to fight harder and it may take longer.  We will continue to pray for the best.

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