Saturday, October 24, 2009

Please pray for Nonjabulo

I spent last evening at the hospital with Thini, Nonhlanhla and baby Nonjabulo.  The Dr. put her on oxygen in the afternoon.  I had stopped by her room, briefly around noon.  She was sleeping, but very congested.  The mom said she was doing "a little bit better."  I wasn't sure I agreed with her but said nothing.  Then around 3:00 I got a text message from Thini that they had put her on oxygen and she asked me to come.  She is a very sick little girl.  The oxygen is helping her breathe better, but her breathing is very shallow and quick.  She doesn't like to be moved and periodically she either has coughing spells or she is trying to cry.  I can't really tell which it is, but she sounds awful week.  She does fight when they try to give her some hydration fluid by mouth or when they try to feed her.  She won't nurse.  She is a petty good fighter, but the fight wears her out and then she drops back into sleep for a while.  She did open her eyes for about ten minutes and just looked at Thini and then me.  Thini waved a little toy Deb bought her in front of her face and she would look at it but didn't attempt to try and touch it.

It appears as if her fever has come down although it felt like she might be getting a small one back in the evening.  It is so frustrating not to be able to get any information from anyone.  The nurses don't want to speak to anyone and visitors aren't allowed when the Dr. visits.  The only way I could speak to the Dr. is IF I happened to in the room when he arrived, which is very unlikely.  They lock the doors to the ward when it isn't visiting hours.

So I have to exercise extreme patience and faith.  Please pray for little Nonjabulo to recover.  Her body is so little to be having to fight so hard, but she is trying.  And please pray for her mom, Nonhlanhla who is with her night and day, sitting on a hard chair without a back and sleeping on the floor under the crib.  There are 4 patients in that room, and all the mothers have to sleep on the floor under the small crib because there is not room for them to sleep any other place.  Please pray for them as well.  And please pray for Thini.  She is so worried and "just doesn't know what to do."  I can't help her other than to pray because I don't know how to help Nonjabulo either.

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