Monday, November 2, 2009

Praises and another prayer request

Saturday was a beautiful spring day - sunny, a blue sky with white billowing clouds and not too hot or cold.  It was a perfect day in God's creation.  I spent the day at a thanksgiving service for a wonderful pastor that is leaving the circuit.  It was good to spend the day with friends and people I have come to consider family. 

That evening Thini and I went by the hospital to visit Nonjabulo.  I was very curious to see how she would be doing because on Friday afternoon they ran out of oxygen.  That is the second time I know that has happened.  I don't understand how a hospital can run out of such a basic, life sustaining item.  I noticed there was a little one across the hall that was much sicker than the Nonjabulo and the little boy in her room and she had oxygen so I don't really know if they gave her Nonjabulo's' oxygen or if Nonjabulo's tank had run out and they didn't have more to replace it with.  I was so thankful this didn't happen the week before or Nonjabulo may not have made it.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that Nonjabulo was doing much better!.  She was smiling and when I held her up to "stand" on my lap she actually put a little weight on her feet!  Her grip was much stronger and she was making little baby pre-talking noises. She was so happy to see her gogo.  Thini had been sick for a few days last week and didn't go to see her.  Thini has that loving gogo quality that I think would make anyone smile, let alone her granddaughter.   We left so happy singing praises to God for Nonjabulo's improvement. Once again, I would have loved to take a picture of her smiling face, but I just couldn't bring my camera out and invade the other's privacy.  Maybe one day I will. 

My prayer request is for my car.  I know that seems odd.  But I'm beginning to wonder if it will last me another year, let alone any longer should I stay past next year.  Without my car, there's little I can really do.  I do a lot of driving on a lot of really rough roads.  I think the suspension is shot.  The knocking noise it makes as I go over the holes and rocks in the dirt roads sounds real bad and I have noticed it just doesn't have the power it used to.  It's only 11 or 12 years old with 174,000 km's on it so I really don't know what the problem should be. (She says with sarcasm in her voice.)  My prayer is that: 1) it doesn't die on me somewhere in the middle of nowhere or in a dangerous spot.  2) that no one gets hurt when my car decides to give out. 3)  That God would guide me as to his will with this vehicle and His plans for me.  Should I keep just having faith it isn't going to fall apart on me or should I look for a newer, more mechanically sound vehicle.  Automobiles cost a lot more here in comparison to the US and that is money that could go a long way to projects or helping out kids.  And finally 4) If God does want me to get a newer vehicle, he would guide me to that vehicle. 

Thank you for all your prayers.  Nonjabulo is just one more piece of evidence that prayers really do help!

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