Monday, July 7, 2008

FUMC Round Rock Mission - Day 1

A team of 4 people from FUMC in Round Rock, Texas arrived last night to work on projects here in Swaziland for two weeks. They were accompanied by Richard Bosart of SAMVIM (South African Methodist Volunteers in Mission). We will be working this week at Lomngeletjane with parents of the children who attend the school. The first and main project we will be doing is putting up perimeter fencing around the school property. We arrived later than planned but were pleasantly surprised to see about 20 members of the community, mostly women, hard at work. It was a typical first day of a mission trip - a lot of time was spent up front orientating the team to the school, it’s history, the culture, the people and the project. The weather was beautiful and warm. On this first day, the RR team and the parents worked separately. The parents strung the barbed wire while the RR team put in the y-posts and tied off the barbed wire to the posts. Highlights of the day (as pictured below) are:

1. Which comes 1st, the chicken or the egg? When Kelly went to use the latrine, she found the egg, we went to the one next it and found the chicken!
2. Driving the y-posts into the ground – Swazi style (That’s Siphiwe holding the y-post.)
3. Anthony making Tuna sandwiches in our day kitchen! (Yeabo Anthony!)
4. Introducing the parents to an American lunch of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. (They weren’t impressed.)

The day ended with hot showers, a great meal, good conversation and devotion time and now as I am posting this blog, Anthony, Steve and Leigh are teaching Siphiwe how to play card games such as Go Fish, War, Indian Poker, 5 card draw, etc. Siphiwe will never be the same!

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