Thursday, July 10, 2008

RR Mission - Day 3 (July 9th)

Wednesday was a great day for the team. The bonded even more with the community members and parents they were working with side by side. The fence is finished as much as it can be at this point. The chief told the person at the bottom perimeter of the school to move his fence so we could have more land. That hasn't happened yet. I'm doubtful it will happen by Friday, but one never knows. I will say I've heard this story since February. The day for Richard and I was a frustrated one, one that we both question why we are here. It was spent trying to patiently deal with taking materials that were incorrect back to Cash build (mini Home Depot) and get additional materials back up to the school. We were gone for hours, and we had the lunch fixings. As God would have it the team was doing great, much better I'm sure than if Richard or I had been there, and we made it back just after they finished. They were all starving, but the team claims it was perfect timing. We took off a bit early from the school, and went into Manzini to pick up some laundry we had dropped off at the laundry place in town and get more groceries to feed our group for the next two days. On the way I introduced them to Kentucky Fried Chicken's ice cream cones. Luckily Richard had the idea of just taking back a bucket of chicken for dinner. It was a good thing because when we got back we not only didn't have any water, but we didn't have any electricity either. Siphiwe's house has been out of water all day. The electricity came back on not too long after dark and the water tanks that fill his house started filling. Before long they had water and were able to take a "shower." I am actually writing this in the morning on July 10th, and I'm still out of water. Oh well.

The team is doing great and staying very positive. We look forward to whatever today will bring. This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad!

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