Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today was a great day of rest and relaxation. Personally, I slept late (until 7:00!) and had a great hot shower which was wonderful. We started the day with Richard making fantastic breakfast tacos. Of course we don’t have salsa in Swaziland, but a little Peri Peri sauce was an acceptable substitute. Then we drove to the outdoor market in Manzini for a little shopping where the local vendors sell their wares. After that we drove almost to the border of South Africa to go to the Ngwenya Glass factory. They workers work as a team to blow the hot glass into different objects. It was really amazing to watch them blow the glass. From Ngwenya Glass we drove back down the hill to the town of Ezulwini and went to the Swaziland Cultural Center where we all learned a little about the Swazi culture. From there we walked 700 meters to Mantenga Falls. Afterwards we enjoyed a relaxing dinner out on the deck at Mantenga Lodge.

Tomorrow, we will attend church at St. Paul’s in Manzini and then head out to the Mahamba Gorge to spend the night and visit with Rev. Margaret Dlamini, the superintendent of the Mahamba circuit on Monday. We won’t have access to a phone line while we are there so there won’t be another update until Monday evening.

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