Thursday, July 10, 2008

RR Mission - Day 4 (July 10th)

Today we have two gates and we have a sign! The gate is set a little weird, and it probably isn’t wide enough for a large truck to go through, but it is a gate. It was a day of lots of different little projects. We’re winding down on the work that needs to be done at Lomngeletjane. The Chief came to say thank you. He says he is going to get the King to come to the school dedication. Not sure if that will be when it opens in January (hopefully) or when the school completely finished with 4 blocks of classrooms, teacher’s houses, Administration buildings, gardens, etc. all of which he’s hoping I will donate. Enjoy today pics.

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jeri and gary carson-hull said...

Gary and I are enjoying the pictures and accounts of each day the RR team is there with you. Hurray for the fence!!!We are imagining ourselves there working side by side with you next year,
Blessings on you and the team,
Jeri and Gary