Sunday, May 3, 2009

A blessed morning

This morning, as I was walking across the grounds of St. Paul’s to get my car to go to an English speaking church in Mbabane, and feeling just slightly guilty for doing so, I saw a young man probably in his mid to late 20’s by the name of Sibusiso Ntshingila. I met Sibusiso for the first time the last weekend in February when the Manyano where having their Outreach event at St. Paul’s. Sibusiso was “in charge” of the 80 kids (that grew to about 200) from the St. Paul’s care point that were supposed to get food parcels and clothes. He had such a gentle manner and the children all listened to him and obeyed him without his ever having to raise his voice. I was very impressed. He was a natural with the kids. When I talked to him he told me he was the caterer for the event and that he had volunteered to help out with the kids. I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t a teacher and told him so. I’ve seen him a few times since so it was quite natural this morning for me to say “hi” and reach out to shake his hand in greeting. I told him that I had heard he was doing some good things with the children from the care point. He gave me a terrific smile (which comes so natural to him) and basically gave me his testimony. He told me that God has called him to children’s ministry. He said he didn’t know what that looked like or how he was going to get there, but he knew God would guide him. Since that weekend in February he heard God’s call to work with the children from the St. Paul’s carepoint using a holistic approach…feeding their body and their souls with good food. He also said that for about 3 weeks he wrestled with God’s call and responded with his list of excuses and fears. God’s response was to show him how all of the lessons he has learned in life, from using drugs and then selling drugs them and then stopping “cold turkey” to how to start and run a catering business has prepared him for what he is now called to do.

I had chills going up and down my back and arms. I kept saying “Praise God” as he talked because what he was saying was just so awesome and the true look of joy on his face was purely the face of the Holy Spirit. I have struggled with what to do about the St. Paul’s carepoint since I came here. I decided that the answer to my prayers was to just wait which has been very hard to do. But then Sibusiso showed up out of nowhere. He is taking information do about each child so they can then do home visits determining what the child’s home life is really like and what the needs are so that plans can be made to help as they can. He talked of doing some things as simple as giving each child a small piece of cake on their birthday so they will know they are special. God is good!

I praised God the whole way to church. I almost went up to the church early this morning to retrieve my car so no one would see me, but one thing after another came up. And then as I walked through the grounds of St. Paul’s on my way to get the car I ran into a few people I hadn’t seen for awhile and chatted with them. If all of those things hadn’t happened, Sibusiso and I wouldn’t have met this morning and I wouldn’t have heard his story or told him how thrilled I was and that I would be praying for him. God’s timing is nothing short of a small miracle.

Please pray for Sibusiso thanking God for his life and his responding to God’s call and for continued guidance as he embarks on the journey God has laid out for him.

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