Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pics of the third day of work for the Louisiana Team

The team hit their stride today. The friendships they are forming is awesome. I think a wonderful day was had by all.

Mr. Absalom Mamba (the man in the center dressed in brown), Chief Lomngeletjane's closest adviser, came to say "hi" to the team and talk to the team about some of the Swazi culture. He is very impressed with all the team has done.

The team working with the children introduced them to finger paint and drawing today. In the pictures below they are making a banner of hand prints to hang on their classroom walls. The team is really having a blast with the kids.

I don't think the team working on the foundation thought that they would ever actually break through the hard clay like dirt enough to actually dig the trench. But the trench is about knee deep! The greatest part is for the male Swazi's adjusting to having a female doing "man's work" especially when she is the strongest worker! Yeabo for girl power!

Marking where the cream paint will end and the terra cota paint for the bottom of the wall will begin. Followed by the painting of the door frames for the toilets. They have done an excellent job...and Johnny is still hoping they did it good enough! Swaziland has never seen such well constructed and beautifully painted latrines!

The final cleaning of the windows. I walked by the windows and they were so clean I wondered why there wasn't glass in the window panes!

Shelling the corn isn't as easy as it looks for tender fingered Americans, but it is a lot of fun sitting with the ladies and listening to them talk.

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