Friday, May 22, 2009

The Eagle has landed!

Saubouna! The team from Munholland United Methodist Church of New Orleans arrived safe and sound Thursday night at 9:15. This team is organized! They were through customs in record time. We stayed that first night in Johannesburg at the new eMseni Christian Conference and Retreat Center. It took several years of careful planning, but it is absolutely beautiful. You can feel the Lords prescence everywhere. They use this conference center for Walks to Emmaus.

We had a good night's sleep, although it was a bit short, then up for breakfast, gathering our belongs, I was able to spend some sweet, sweet time with the Lord walking around the small man made lake and the beautiful gardens before the others were up and moving. It was a special treat for me because I don't have anywhere in Swaziland I could do such a thing. Just before leaving we had our morning devotional in the chapel.

The drive to Swaziland went smoothly. It took a bit longer with two Kombies, one of which was pulling a trailer plus my car all loaded with luggage and people. The team has 18 people plus Richard and I for a total of 20.

After crossing the border, we stopped at the Ngwanya glass factory so they could see the men actually blowing glass. We had a bit of late lunch (personally, I just had a piece of carrot cake!) and then it was on to the Madonsa Guest house which they will call their home until Thursday morning, the 28th.

From the Madonsa last night we went up to St. Paul's and were greated for several people from St. Paul's. The provided a wonderful dinner for us all and they had a chance to start getting to know some of the team members. This morning, as soon as I sign off this computer we will be heading up to Lomngeletjane Memorial Methodist Primary School to start working. Will update tonight with more pictures. The picture below is part of the group in our evening devotionals in the living room of the Madonsa Inn.

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