Friday, July 10, 2009

Pics from Wednesday July 8th

Wednesday's art project was sponge painting followed by coloring. The sponge painting didn't exactly work out as planned. Trying this with two year olds that don't speak our language was a bit over energetic. They didn't really understand what we were trying to do and it got messy real fast. We were the first group to try it. The art project was changed to making butterflies for the other two groups.

After telling the story of Noah's ark again, we put these wonderful animal masks on them so they could pretend they were the animals in the ark. I thought they might be afraid of the masks but they had a great time. These little kids never ceased to amaze me with their eagerness to learn.

The kids were give "rainbow" glasses. When they put the glasses up to their eyes, they could see a prism effect. I was amazed that these little ones put them on and had such fun with this activity. These glasses were reinforcing the rainbow God gave Noah after the rains stopped and things began to clear up. I doubt they got the concept, but it was fun to watch them and they loved the glasses.

Callie, a volunteer from Connecticut, and Hallie getting the hand print of one of our 2 year olds. We made rainbows out of the children's hand prints.

The finished "rainbow." Didn't they turn out great???

The children eat lunch on mats on the ground on the play area because it is too cold in the building. Most of our team is along the back. (l to r: Zandy (from the Child Care Center) Christian, Heather, Donna, Hallie, Mary Jane, Becky, Ruth, Farida, Rosemary, me, Jane) After they finished eating their lunch, we gave each of them a package of zoo crackers to wrap up the theme of VBS.

After lunch, we toured the Bulembu Ministries Homes. They have a half a dozen or so homes that are already in use, and then they have 6 newly refurbished homes. This is one of the new homes. They took some of the existing homes, put on a new roof and redid the inside. They are quite nice. Each house can hold six children (either girls or boys) and a house mum. A dining hall structure is being built near these houses where the children will go for meals.

One of the "Persimmon" houses which is the name of the first group of houses that children ages 4 to 18 live in. Each house can hold up to 8 children and a house mum. Girls and boys are mixed in these houses. Each house has a live-in house mum.

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