Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tiphelele and update on the Teacher's House

Yesterday late morning, after checking on the progress at Lomngeletjane, we went over to see how Tiphelele was doing. Being gone for over a week was just too long! Her mom must have seen my car because she brought Tiphelele right out to see me before I could even get my car parked! Tiphelele is doing much better. She even felt like she had gained weight. Bongiwe (her mom) said she is eating so well she is catching up to her twin sister, Tiphotakhe. Tiphelele is starting to crawl. She let me hold her right away and was listening to my voice. She's probably wondering what strange language I am speaking. Her mother and I joked that she may learn English before Siswati. It was such a blessed time made all the sweeter as I thought of how Gogo Mamba left this world after a long life and this small one is just starting what I pray will be a long life full of many blessings.

As I look at these pictures and remember how happy Tiphelele's mother is, I realize that we are all experiencing what "one heart at a time and one child at a time" is all about. Tiphelele is doing well and growing, her mom is so grateful and happy and my heart is so touched and full of joy to be a part of this miracle of life.

Tiphelele was fascinated with my necklace especially the replica of the cross in our sanctuary back home in Round Rock.

Great progress is being made one the teacher's house at Lomngeletjane. The teachers are getting excited and are hoping to move in after winter break which ends the beginning of the second week of September. I'm still praying my funds will be enough to complete the house.

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