Friday, July 10, 2009

Pictures from July 6th and 7th

As promised, here are the pictures from the post for Monday, July 6th and Tuesday July 7th.

Monday's craft time. We made Noah's ark and then put stickers of animals in the ark - or anywhere we could get them on the paper or paper plate. The kids had fun. They are so precious.

Snack Time! By the way, the building is a huge barn like building that used to be a bar. It has a corragated iron roof with the top part open for air flow which is great in the summer, but horrible during the winter. There is no heat. There is a fireplace but you have to almost stand in the fire to feel the heat. It was actually warmer outside than it was inside.

Children brushing their teeth. The water was freezing cold and just about as much water went down the front of their clothes as went in the mouth, but the kids took tooth brushing very seriously.

Aunty Mavis (the preschool teacher for the 2 year olds) and Mary Jane using the wonderful story board made by the women from FUMC Pacific Grove. The kids really enjoyed it.

Art project for Tuesday, July 7th. Hand puppets out of paper sacks.

Bulembu Christian Academy. What an amazing school.

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